our approach


we help them understand it.

The first step of involvement is to help employees understand the depths of your strategy, initiative or change. It starts with dialogue—an open exchange of ideas, questions and suggestions. It moves beyond the boundaries of reporting structures, seniority and function. It’s a time when the question, “What are we trying to achieve?” is met clearly and head-on.

Deep understanding of the change.


we help them own it.

The second step of involvement is digging into the reasons behind the change. There are many ways to address the why with your team, but we favor immersive experiences that put your employees at the center of the pain point, enabling them to experience it personally. This moves the initiative from the leadership level down through the ranks, making it real for all employees.

Clear ownership of the problem.


we help them activate it.

The final step to effective involvement is activation. This is where employees create personal action plans that trigger changes in mindset and behavior across your organization. From the cubicle down the hall to the conference room half-way around the world, your employees will understand, own and activate your it—whatever your industry and whatever your size.

Faster, more effective achievement of your goals.

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