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involvement programs

mapping session

A mapping session is the first step to designing a successful change program.

Regardless of the type of change desired, this session actively involves those whose responsibility it is to see that change through to success, as well as those who have a stake in the outcome.

Anchored with a seamless blend of our verbal and visual involvement techniques, participants collaborate in an open dialogue to create a picture of the desired future state.

The entire session is captured visually in what we call a graphic recording.

Think of it as a snapshot of the dialogue.

Much like a photo taken while on vacation, our graphic recordings transport the team back to the details of the dialogue through a combination of quickly digestible visual metaphors and brief statements.

With everyone literally on the same page, the change program can be designed for success.

mapping session

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culture change activation session

what culture shift would you like to make?

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culture change activation

Does the thought of changing the culture within your organization send shivers up your spine?

That’s not surprising. After all, studies show that 70% of all internal changes within organizations fail. When you add up the time, effort and budget invested – that’s a daunting statistic.

Culture change sends shivers up our spines, too. But not for the same reason.

We’re invigorated by the opportunity to put you in the good company of the 30% of successful change efforts.

The culture activation approach we’ve developed at The Involvement Practice builds the momentum for your cultural shift from within. Much like a pebble dropped into a still pond, our programs create ripples of energy throughout your organization that build daily.

By involving employees at all levels, deep understanding of the need for change is built and the organic buy-in is created to see it through company-wide implementation – right down to the systems and processes that shape your culture every day.

brand activation

Creating a new brand strategy and visual expression requires a thoughtful, creative approach. It’s both challenging and invigorating all at once.

But what often gets overlooked in the process is the need for internal activation to make it real – inside the organization and with customers.

Brand presentations and workshops are a good start to build awareness of the change internally, but most organizations stop there.

Brand Involvement® is a proprietary approach developed at The Involvement Practice that has been proven in organizations of 30 to 300,000. It immerses employees in either the brand opportunity or pain point so that the understanding and ownership of the need to act differently is crystal clear.

When your employees fully understand the connection between your brand and your business goals, it will be experienced in everyday customer interactions and paid back in growth.


brand activation session

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