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Julie Gieseke
Visual Involver

Julie is a visual involver, with certifications in professional coaching and neuro-linguistics.

As a visual involver, she received professional training through her internship with the Grove Consultants International where she studied Principles of Graphic Facilitation, Visual Planning Systems, Strategic Visioning and Mastery of Facilitation. Julie has worked with a diverse spectrum of organizations and consultants, integrating visual thinking, creative engagement and strategic thinking.

She received her master’s degree in organization management and development from Fielding Graduate University. While in graduate school, Julie conceptualized a higher education visual facilitation program, resulting in the co-development of the only program of its kind – a graduate level course called Leading Change that Matters with Visual Facilitation, at Fielding Graduate University.

As a certified Master in Neuro-Linguistics and a certified professional coach, Julie works with groups and individuals to facilitate creative, decision-making processes that enable them to access their fullest potential. She is inspired by the ability of Visual Facilitation and creative engagement to fully involve participants in increased engagement, innovation, productivity and recall.

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Our energetic, seasoned team members are expert at designing and delivering game-changing involvement programs. We’ve walked in your shoes at some of the world’s largest companies. We know the intricacies of corporate life that compound the challenge of change.

We’ll get into the trenches to understand your specific needs and help you identify the opportunities true employee involvement can bring to your team.

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