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It’s All in Your Head

Sometimes we bump into inspiration –– like I did with the book stand at the San Jose, California, airport last month.

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Change Like a Hurricane.

It’s a nice day today here in Charlotte, North Carolina. As I write this, the sun is beaming into our office and the sky is filled with white, fluffy clouds.

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You’re being a nudge!

(but–it’s working)

There it was, a message screaming from my morning French vanilla latte –– each and every day.

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The Out-of-Office Experiment 

Can an email reply shift culture?

We’ve all done it. As we prepare to leave for vacation, we set our out-of-office reply. It’s a way of letting people know that we may be slow to respond while taking a break.

Two Perspectives.

Boost change success with these shifts.

How often has this happened to you? You’re explaining something to another person and you feel you’re being crystal clear. However, the person you’re communicating with isn’t seeing it the way you are.

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Want to Accelerate Change? Ride the Brake.

So, it happened again this week. It’s likely happened to you, too — several times.

I was driving down a busy road, approaching an intersection. I glanced up and saw the light had turned yellow. My foot instinctively pushed a little harder against accelerator to make it through the light.

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Imagine this… 

I’d like you to imagine something for a minute.

I’d ask you to close your eyes for the full effect, but then you couldn’t read the following text.

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Clear Communication 

The Case of the $150 box of cookies.

Recently, my wife and I passed a group of energetic young girls who had set up an elaborate display of Girl Scout cookies outside of a large store. Their strategy was to intercept the exiting shoppers and entice them to make a purchase.

Ready to Boost Your Customers’ Experience? 

Consider the Value of Values.

Do you remember when Zappos, the online shoe retailer, entered the market in 1999? Likely not. Their first-year sales were dismal. But, over the next 12 months, their revenue rocketed to $1.6 million. They continued to grow their annual sales to $1.2 billion until their acquisition by Amazon just 10 years after their launch.

Kids – we’re moving!

A proven, three-step approach to change activation.

Would you leave a note on your refrigerator door to let your family know you’re making a change? “Kids –– pack up by Friday at noon. We’re moving.”

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The Escalator Effect

Is your organization suffering from it?

Sure, when most of us step onto an escalator, we go into autopilot mode and check out.

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