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Patrick Kesler
Creative Director

Over the past two decades, Patrick has built creative solutions for businesses ranging from global brands such as GE, Dell, IBM, and SAMSUNG, to technology startups. His design, brand and digital experience has enabled Patrick to organize and streamline complex problems into simple, effective solutions.

With four startups under his belt, Patrick understands business strategy and the criticality of building meaningful connections with the target audience through solid product and service design. His inquisitive approach enables Patrick to dig deep into the problem, and unearth solutions that unite teams and build business success.

In his spare time, Patrick is an avid speaker, educator and volunteer in the local community.

Phone: (704) 269-4545

our people can get your people involved

Our energetic, seasoned team members are expert at designing and delivering game-changing involvement programs. We’ve walked in your shoes at some of the world’s largest companies. We know the intricacies of corporate life that compound the challenge of change.

We’ll get into the trenches to understand your specific needs and help you identify the opportunities true employee involvement can bring to your team.

Tim McCleary
Founder & Managing Director

Jim Rush
Strategic Advisor

Matt Olin
Senior Experience Producer

Jim Burke
Senior Director, Communication Strategy

Jack Loh
Senior Director, Brand Strategy

Patrick Kesler
Creative Director

Andrew Federman
Visual Involver

Breah Parker
Visual Involver

Jim Nuttle
Visual Involver

Julie Gieseke
Visual Involver

Liisa Sorsa
Visual Involver

Disa Kauk
Visual Involver


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