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what are the benefits of involvement?

Involvement is a game-changer. It moves from the traditional, passive techniques of internal communications and employee engagement to hands-on experiences that drive lasting, measurable change.

It transfers the ownership of initiatives from the boardroom and executive offices to the cubicles and shop floors. It shifts mindsets and behaviors. It can be measured, and it boosts the return on investment in any team-, department- or organization-wide initiative.

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How Wells Fargo is fixing a broken culture.

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mapping session

A mapping session is the first step to designing a successful change program.
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some of the organizations benefiting from our involvement

what our clients are saying

“Working with The Involvement Practice, we established a flexible platform for success in an evolving organization, a playbook for operations that brought clarity of purpose, and a teamwork model strengthened by common understanding of our mission. To top it all off, we had a blast doing it! I highly recommend the team and their process of customizing an experience to get to the results that matter for you.”
Vice President & Director, Marketing & Communications
“The Involvement Practice introduced reams of fresh ideas for our recent leadership meeting and the post-mortem survey results stood for themselves. People appreciated the collaborative, unconventional approach. One attendee remarked that it was the most engaging conference they’d attended in 20 years with the company!”
Communications Operations Leader
“What I like most about The Involvement Practice is that they take time to listen and understand, tailoring programs in ways that resonate with each group uniquely. And they get us out of our comfort zone in clever and effective ways. ‘There’s no way that will work!’ doesn’t cross my mind when The Involvement Practice is our partner!”
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
“It was a pleasure working with The Involvement Practice leading up to our executive conference last year. They didn’t hesitate to challenge us with creative and innovative ways to involve our leadership team. The feedback we received was very positive, the discussions went deep and the result is that we have seen a difference in the way we are leading and inspiring our people.”
Senior Manager, Executive Office
“The Involvement Practice partnered with our senior management team to lead us through a Brand Involvement® workshop. They involved us in an energetic and thought-provoking session that significantly improved our team’s understanding of how we are perceived by our niche market, and provided us with take-aways that were actionable and appropriate to each team member’s role.”

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