The Involvement Practice
Every organization has an it they need their employees to get. We'll help them understand it. Own it. Activate it.

The first step of involvement is to help employees understand the depths of your strategy, initiative or change. It starts with dialogue—an open exchange of ideas, questions and suggestions. It moves beyond the boundaries of reporting structures, seniority and function. It’s a time when the question, “What are we trying to achieve?” is met clearly and head-on.


Deep understanding of the change.

The second step of involvement is digging into the reasons behind the change. There are many ways to address the why with your team, but we favor immersive experiences that put your employees at the center of the pain point, enabling them to experience it personally. This moves the initiative from the leadership level down through the ranks, making it real for all employees.


Clear ownership of the problem.

The final step to effective involvement is activation. This is where employees create personal action plans that trigger changes in mindset and behavior across your organization. From the cubicle down the hall to the conference room half-way around the world, your employees will understand, own and activate your it—whatever your industry and whatever your size.


Faster, more effective achievement of your goals.

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implementing a new
business strategy?

If you walked the halls of your organization today, how many of your people could tell you—in their own words—your company’s business strategy?

A handful of them might be able to recite key buzz words from memory, but do they really know what it means? More importantly, do they know what they should be doing to support it on a daily basis?

To fully implement your business strategy, your people have to get it. It has to be made real for them. It has to be both personal and practical, so they can work toward it everyday.

That means moving employees beyond passive engagement to active involvement. Our dynamic, E2E Involvement™ approaches will make it happen, and our proprietary Involvement Quotient™ tool will quantify results along the way.

making your brand

Where does your brand live? In the quality of your products? In the effectiveness of your services? In the minds of your customers? All of the above—but it can’t live in any of those places without your employees.

Employees are your company, your greatest asset and your brand, in one. Getting your employees involved in your brand—and keeping them involved—has never been more important. Mergers and acquisitions can undermine corporate cultures. Rapid growth can bring a loss of focus. Time can rob market leaders of their relevance.

CEO speeches, company-wide emails and motivational presentations have their place in building employee understanding and enthusiasm. But simply telling your people what they need to know doesn’t guarantee retention or involvement.

Our Brand Involvement® methodology is a “hands-on” learning technique that can improve retention by as much as 70% over passive teaching methods, and inspire your employees to become personally and emotionally involved in your brand.

gaining buy-in to a
new initiative?

When you have a new initiative to introduce to employees, do you pull the team together for a multi-day meeting? You’re not alone. But are you spending your meeting dollars to generate the greatest impact?

A typical checklist goes like this: book the venue, plan the hospitality and line up the A/V equipment. What’s left of the budget goes into content.

We can show you how the greatest ROI on meeting dollars comes by investing in your content, approach and delivery–first.

We’ve redefined the internal company meeting by shifting the focus from passive consumption of presentations on stage to the active involvement of the participants themselves. We know how to honor the knowledge in the room—how to harness the wisdom of the crowd to produce a better outcome.

We can turn a meeting into an interactive showcase for your next initiative—one that will keep your people involved long after the house lights come up.

making change

Why is change so hard? Is it our instinct for self-preservation? Do we fear the unknown? Do we wonder if we’re up to it?

Change is proposed and resisted inside organizations every day. Leaders who push for it are seen as being out of touch with day-to-day realities. Employees who resist it are seen as not being team players. But, change is necessary–often essential.

To reduce the fear of change, all stakeholders must clearly understand the reasons behind it.

Deep understanding begins with open, honest dialogue between leaders and employees. Deep understanding paves the way to personal ownership—a palpable shift from “theirs” to “mine.” The new narrative becomes a story in which employees can see themselves playing a role.

When we feel ownership in an initiative, we're connected to its success. When we’re involved—truly involved—we see the mutual benefits. Our E2C Involvement™, E2E Involvement™ and Virtual Involvement™ techniques can help you make real change happen, and sustain the mindset and behavioral shifts that result.


what are the benefits
of involvement?

Involvement is a game-changer. It moves from the traditional, passive techniques of internal communications and employee engagement to hands-on experiences that drive lasting, measurable change. It transfers the ownership of initiatives from the board room and executive offices to the cubicles and shop floors. It shifts mindsets and behaviors. It can be measured, and it boosts your return on investment in any team-, department- or organization-wide initiative.

90% retention rate vs. 20% with traditional methods 90% retention rate vs. 20% with traditional methods

how do we measure the ROI
of involvement?

We think there’s another way to look at ROI. We call it Return on Involvement, and it can have a major impact on that other ROI you’re familiar with. An investment in involvement can outperform an investment in traditional employee communication and engagement programs by as much as 70% or more.

The Involvement Practice helps you gauge the true organizational impact of your involvement programs with pre- and post-implementation measurements of mindset and behavioral change.

When your employees are truly connected with your strategy or initiative, the difference will be evident—and measurable—on a daily basis, and our Involvement Quotient™ tool will help you track it.


some ways we've helped companies and employees get the it

designed and delivered an experience for a 40,000-member sales team to build ownership and activation of a new global brand strategy

led a multi-day executive leadership summit to build a bridge between 100 executives and 10,000 front-line employees, bringing to life a new customer experience focus in the culture

built a true sense of teamwork among disparate groups that were thrown together in a recent merger

designed and directed a series of videos to enable employees all over the world to participate in a consistent learning experience

facilitated a hands-on session with a senior HR team to create understanding, ownership and activation of a new engagement strategy for 185,000 employees in 20 countries

built consensus in a team struggling to agree on the right cultural approach for the future their $1B brand

improved the customer service performance of front-line employees in a nationwide retail chain with informal involvement sessions on the sales floor

built business storytelling skills among a team of 150 engineers struggling to inspire their teams in new projects

inspired a team of teachers to bring involvement and imagination into their K-12 public school classrooms

involved a team of customers and engineers in a dynamic visioning session to generate industry-transforming ideas

conducted live interviews to measure customer satisfaction levels and worked with the leadership team to boost them

turned the tables on 200 attendees at a 3-day global meeting, transforming them from passive listeners into active participants


some of the organizations benefiting from our involvement


Avery Dennison

BMO Bank of Montreal


The Breakaway Group

Cenovus Energy

Cleveland Clinic

CUNA Mutual

Danbury School System

Duff & Phelps

GE Canada

GE Capital

GE Corporate

GE Energy

Factor Design



Ingram Barge Company

Kaplan University


The LaurelRock Company

Northwestern Medicine




Western Union



our people can get
your people involved

Our energetic, seasoned team members are expert at designing and delivering game-changing involvement programs. We've walked in your shoes at some of the world's largest companies. We know the intricacies of corporate life that compound the challenge of change.

We'll get into the trenches to understand your specific needs and help you identify the opportunities true employee involvement can bring to your team.

  • name

    Patrick Kesler

    Creative Director

    + read bio

    Over the past two decades, Patrick has built creative solutions for businesses ranging from global brands such as GE, Dell, IBM, and SAMSUNG, to technology startups such as PhotoDrop. His design, brand and digital experience has enabled Patrick to organize and streamline complex problems into simple, effective solutions.

    With four startups under his belt, Patrick understands business strategy and the criticality of building meaningful connections with the target audience through solid product and service design. His inquisitive approach enables Patrick to dig deep into the problem, and unearth solutions that unite teams and build business success.

    In his spare time, Patrick is an avid speaker, educator and volunteer in the local community. 

  • name

    Liisa Sorsa

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Liisa is an experienced facilitator and visual language expert. Her job is to help people “see what they mean” by listening to conversations and creating “visual roadmaps” of the discussions in real time. Her ability to synthesize the key discussion points into detailed graphic charts brings a sense of clarity to the sessions, allowing participants to understand and connect with the many vantage points in the room.

    Liisa has put her visual language skills and background in the telecommunications industry to work for a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

  • Disa Kauk

    Disa Kauk

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Disa is a visual involver with an extensive background in collaborative work. During group discussions, she captures thoughts and ideas in a graphic format, creating a visual artifact that participants can review and discuss in real time.

    With more than eight years of experience, Disa has been part of over 600 collaborative sessions across North America and Europe, covering topics ranging from team-building and strategic planning to bid creation and community engagement. Disa has worked with hundreds of corporate, non-profit and community clients, as well as the organizing committees for several Olympic Games.

  • Julie Gieseke

    Julie Gieseke

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Julie is a visual involver, with certifications in professional coaching and neuro-linguistics.

    As a visual involver, she received professional training through her internship with the Grove Consultants International where she studied Principles of Graphic Facilitation, Visual Planning Systems, Strategic Visioning and Mastery of Facilitation. Julie has worked with a diverse spectrum of organizations and consultants, integrating visual thinking, creative engagement and strategic thinking.

    She received her master’s degree in organization management and development from Fielding Graduate University. While in graduate school, Julie conceptualized a higher education visual facilitation program, resulting in the co-development of the only program of its kind – a graduate level course called Leading Change that Matters with Visual Facilitation, at Fielding Graduate University.

    As a certified Master in Neuro-Linguistics and a certified professional coach, Julie works with groups and individuals to facilitate creative, decision-making processes that enable them to access their fullest potential. She is inspired by the ability of Visual Facilitation and creative engagement to fully involve participants in increased engagement, innovation, productivity and recall.

  • Jim Nuttle

    Jim Nuttle

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Jim brings more than 25 years of experience as an independent graphic designer and illustrator to his work as a visual involver. Since 2006, he’s worked with a variety of corporate and non-profit companies across the United States, using his thinking and drawing skills in workshops, meetings, ideation and brainstorming sessions to augment and enhance the creative process.

    Jim has worked with a number of non-profits, associations, schools and federal agencies, particularly in the areas of healthcare, finance, telecommunications and education. Clients range from the American Bankers Association to USDA to Ringling Bros. and Verizon.

    His illustration work has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Legal Times, and, as well as in advertising for Kraft Foods, Campbell's and Capital One, among others. This background has given Jim the ability to quickly visualize complex concepts in a way that is easily understood by an audience. Combined with good listening skills, natural curiosity and a dry sense of humor, Jim's work makes for engaging and memorable images.

  • Tim McCleary

    Tim McCleary

    Founder & Managing Director

    + read bio

    Tim is the founder of The Involvement Practice and the architect of Brand Involvement®. Inspired by teachers who made learning both personal and practical for him, he adapted proven learning techniques to the needs of organizational change, creating a proprietary new approach to building employee understanding, ownership and activation of brand and business strategies.

    Ever fascinated with communication in all forms, Tim’s 25 years of diverse corporate experience has spanned work in internal communications, media relations, public relations, new media and visual communications for companies such as GE, Marsh, AAA, NBC, Warner Bros. and Bell Canada.

    Before forming The Involvement Practice in 2007, Tim was the Global Director of Brand and Design for GE, where he implemented a top-to-bottom rebranding of the company, building buy-in among its 311,000 employees. He was a regular teacher of brand-building at GE’s executive training center and used involvement to gain culture-changing momentum around the new brand strategy.

    An energetic and creative speaker, he’s been a guest lecturer on communication and brand-building issues at Columbia, Cornell, Syracuse, MIT, Northeastern, the University of Virginia, and Ryerson University in Toronto. Known for his unique, experiential speaking engagements, Tim is an in-demand keynoter at conferences and internal company meetings.

    A former commercial photographer in his native Canada, Tim is actively involved in Charlotte, and draws creative inspiration from his wife and three sons on a daily basis.

  • Jim Rush, Ph.D.

    Jim Rush, Ph.D.


    + read bio

    After more than 30 years in both the corporate and academic worlds, Jim is an authentic change management and business transformation expert. As Managing Director and Chief Learning Office at Marsh, he helped senior executives develop innovative strategic initiatives and clearly articulate them to the company’s 25,000 employees. As Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Bank of Montreal’s Institute for Learning, a highly-regarded corporate university, he helped colleagues hone their strategy development skills in a classroom environment.

    On the academic side, Jim was a faculty member and Chair of the flagship MBA program at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario, as well as a faculty member and Director of the Price Waterhouse Business School. Always mindful of the publish-or-perish dictum, Jim is the author of three books, a contributor to seven others and has written more than 30 B-school teaching cases.

    Jim and his wife Claudia, an artist, are the parents of four.

  • Nancy Elder

    Nancy Elder

    Senior Involvement Director

    + read bio

    Nancy has spent more than 20 years helping companies find their voice. A highly skilled facilitator, presenter and trainer, she came to The Involvement Practice from executive positions at Time Warner, where she helped implement a Global Leadership Initiative; GE, where she played a key role in the “Imagination at Work” re-branding; and MasterCard, when she oversaw the Asian rollout of the “Priceless” campaign.

    More recently, Nancy was the Chief Marketing Officer for Marsh, where she led a comprehensive restructuring of the company’s global marketing efforts, repositioned the brand and launched an award-winning advertising campaign – all simultaneously.

    A native of Montreal who now lives in New York City, Nancy serves on the board of United Conservationists and the Montauk Playhouse. Although she has no intention of quitting her day job, she usually has a screenplay or two in the works.

  • Kathy Thompson

    Kathy Thompson

    Senior Involvement Director

    + read bio

    Kathy is a marketing consultant and strategist who believes that collaboration and creativity can help brands overcome their most difficult marketing and business problems.

    As Director of the Brand Initiatives Group at BBDO NY, Kathy led major strategic exploratories for virtually all the agency’s clients, including GE, Pizza Hut, NFL, Gillette, Chrysler, eBay, HBO and Mountain Dew.

    Kathy was previously a member of BBDO’s Integrated Marketing team, responsible for integrating communications efforts across brands – most notably in the successful national launch of the Cingular wireless brand.

    Kathy and her husband are avid sailboat racers who compete together on the local and national level. Captain/crew distinctions do not carry over into their onshore lives.

  • Kristin Tetreault, ABC

    Kristin Tetreault, ABC

    Internal Communications Director

    + read bio

    Kristin is an internal communication and leadership development expert who focuses on organizational disruption: the problems and opportunities that often accompany rapid growth, leadership change, M&A, re-branding, turnarounds and downsizing, among others.

    Recognized as an Accredited Business Communicator by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Kristin received an IABC Award of Excellence for her project work at Texas Instruments and currently serves on the organization's accreditation exam evaluation team.

    She brings to The Involvement Practice consulting expertise honed with her work at CRA and companies from a variety of industries, including healthcare, pharma, financial services, beverages, transportation and telecommunications. She helped overhaul internal communications at Oxford Health Plans following a successful financial turnaround, and was Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Organization Effectiveness at Clayton Holdings, a due-diligence firm in the financial services sector.

    Kristin holds a master's degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. She lives with her husband, children and several large-breed dogs in a self-renovated Newtown, Connecticut, home that is proving to be far from dog-proof.

  • Andrew Federman

    Andrew Federman

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Andrew is a visual artist and photographer, with a knack for capturing the overlooked details in both relaxed and chaotic environments.

    With more than eight years of experience in the world of collaborative meeting design and implementation, Andrew brings the same passion and keen aesthetic eye evident in his photography to his work as a visual involver and facilitator. Since 2003, he has worked with numerous corporations, healthcare providers, schools and government agencies, using his drawing, photographic and design skills to facilitate greater collaboration and engagement amongst participants in groups both large and small.

    Andrew has photographed thought-leadership conferences, award ceremonies, professional sporting events, musical performances, film sets, parades, food trucks and world-record setting spectacles, just to name a few. His recent work includes the kick-off and finale to Google’s 2011 international science fair competition, Elton John’s outdoor performance at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, and Steve Nash’s charity Soccer event, Showdown, in Chinatown.

  • Breah Livolsi Parker

    Breah Livolsi Parker

    Visual Involver

    + read bio

    Breah’s illustration, design, and team management skills – as well as her passion to inspire clarity and collaboration, bring a refreshing twist to the creative process.

    Her deep listening skills and rapid capture of content during conversations and meetings, offer opportunities for participants to engage deeply in a variety of settings.

    Breah (not so secretly) claims to be a closet geek, mastering computer graphic and illustration skills to provide crisp and concise support materials for sessions. She has worked independently as a graphic designer and branding specialist, supporting businesses on both local and national levels, following a career as a director in advertising, publication and product manufacturing.

    Breah is currently at work to bring her book “What’s Right With Me?” into an app to support individual and team empowerment.

PROOF “The Involvement Practice introduced reams of fresh ideas for our recent leadership meeting and the post-mortem survey results stood for themselves. People appreciated the collaborative, unconventional approach. One attendee remarked that it was the most engaging conference they’d attended in 20 years with the company!” – Communications Operations Leader PROOF “The Involvement Practice partnered with our senior management team of 12 individuals to lead us through a Brand Involvement® workshop. They involved us in an energetic and thought-provoking session that significantly improved our team’s understanding of how we are perceived by our niche market, and provided us with take-aways that were actionable and appropriate to each team member’s role. We will definitely be calling on the expertise and creativity of The Involvement Practice for many events in the future.” – President PROOF “I have had the pleasure of working with the great folks at The Involvement Practice on several key learning initiatives. In each and every case, I have felt a true collaboration with Tim and his team–a collaboration that ultimately yields a creative solution aligned with my needs, and the needs of my customers.” – Global Manager, Customer Education PROOF “When we asked The Involvement Practice to come up with a more engaging format for our global communicators meeting, they produced creative ideas that delivered on our goal – to get everyone in the room involved in our meeting. Best of all, they made it very easy on our team through their proactive and professional approach.” – Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
PROOF “The Involvement Practice has been a valued resource to us on many occasions, helping us to connect our business goals more deeply with teams in sales, marketing, communications, digital and design. What I like most about The Involvement Practice is that they take time to listen and understand, tailoring programs in ways that resonate with each group uniquely. And they get us out of our comfort zone in clever and effective ways. ‘There’s no way that will work!’ doesn’t cross my mind when The Involvement Practice is our partner!” – Chief Marketing Officer PROOF “We worked with The Involvement Practice to design and execute a mid-sized corporate meeting. Their innovative approach to creating an atmosphere of engagement revitalized our agenda and carried throughout the entire meeting–start to finish. They were very energetic, flexible and creative. A great team to work with.” – Communications Leader PROOF "It was a pleasure working with The Involvement Practice leading up to our executive conference last year. They really took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve in bringing the senior team together. They didn't hesitate to challenge us with creative and innovative ways to involve our leadership team. The feedback we received was very positive, the discussions went deep and the result is that we have seen a difference in the way we are leading and inspiring our people.” – Senior Manager, Executive Office PROOF “Following the merger of our two premier environmental consulting firms, we needed help to (re)build our newly combined communications team. We turned to The Involvement Practice and in just two days felt transformed into a cohesive team with a common understanding of our working styles, our values, and how to function as a high-performing team. While we know our work is not yet finished, The Involvement Practice helped us created a strong foundation that we are building on every day.” - Director, Marketing & Branding